Rush Limbaugh Plays “Feliz Navidad” In Shameful Race-Baiting of Hispanics

Rush Limbaugh in his continuing quest of race-baiting, played “Feliz Navidad” on his November 9 radio show, openly mocking Hispanic voters. This is a disgrace. When will Reince Preibus, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell denounce his actions? Wow, if you want to reach out to a demographic, just insult them. That’s what the Republican Party is saying by condoning this nonsense from Rush Limbaugh.

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 Rush Limbaugh Plays Feliz Navidad In Shameful Race Baiting of Hispanics
Janet Shan is a freelance journalist and managing editor of the Hinterland Gazette, who is working on her first novel, a mystery based in the hills on Montego Bay.