Sandy Ford, Son Andy Ford and her Three Young Grandkids Dead by Suffocation in Bitter Custody Battle

TOLEDO TRIPLE MURDER-DOUBLE SUICIDE:  Sandy Ford, 54, and her adult son Andy Ford, 32, killed her three grandchildren, Paige Hayes, 10, Logan Hayes, 6 and Madalyn Hayes, 5, before killing themselves in a triple murder-double suicide in Toledo, OH. They were killed by suffocation with carbon monoxide. Sandy Ford was about to lose custody of the children to their biological mother.

Firefighters found a truck with the engine running and hoses leading from the exhaust into a Honda Civic in the family’s garage on Monday night.

The three children, as well as Sandy and Andy Ford and the family’s two dogs and a cat were all found dead inside the car.

Sandy Ford’s husband, Randy, called police Monday afternoon to say that he had returned home and found suspicious notes in the house from his wife, son and grandkids. He said he wasn’t able to enter the garage.

Firefighters used a sledgehammer to open a door to the garage, which had been barricaded shut. Sgt. Joe Heffernan said Sandy Ford had primarily taken care of the children at her home for the last four years, but their parents – the Fords’ daughter, Mandy Hayes, and the children’s father, Chris Hayes, were trying to regain full custody of them.  Source