South Laurel County HS Teacher Kendra Baker in Hot Water Over Politically-Charged Statement

UPDATED:  South Laurel County High School teacher Kendra Baker is in the hot seat after she posted a politically charged statement on a class whiteboard:  ‘You can’t be a democrat and go to heaven’ during a classroom discussion about politics on November 13, one week after the presidential elections. South Laurel County High School is in Kentucky. It should be noted that a student made the statement and Kendra Baker agreed to put it on the board for everyone to see.

The class had been debating around Election Day, and Superintendent Doug Bennett says the psychology teacher, who has been identified as Kendra Baker, wrote a student’s comment on the board. “The teacher regrets the incident, and has no intention of doing this again,” said Bennett.

Mary Gilbert says her daughter, Chelsea was ridiculed when she tried to stick up for other students in the class. She says Chelsea is choosing to be home schooled rather than go back. Source

I’m not sure if this rises to the level of pulling your child out of a school, but I believe the teacher shouldn’t have let her political views cloud her judgment.

***RETRACTION:  We posted the wrong photograph in reference to this incident. The photo we posted was of Kendra Hoskins-Baker who teaches at a different school in Kentucky. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We have pulled the photograph from our site and would urge anyone else who has this Facebook photo to do the same. Apologies to Mrs. Kendra Hoskins-Baker.***

Watch the video:

  • student

    That picture is not the Kendra Baker that got in trouble. Same name, same occupation, different person. You’d better be careful posting someone’s picture without checking your facts first!

    • Friend

      I agree!!! Please remove picture!!! This is the not the sme person!!!

    • Nice try “student.” That is Kendra Baker.

      • Student

        Yeah, it is Kendra Baker. It is not the Kendra Baker that wrote the comment on the board. Can’t help it that you don’t like it. I’ve lived in London all my life and know both of the Kendra Bakers. This girl pictured is a 3rd grade teacher. Does she look like she’s been teaching 17 years to you? No, the woman pictured is a younger lady and has definitely not been teaching 17 years. Think about it!



  • London Resident

    I am from London. If news reporters would do their jobs and not blow things so out of proportion then they would know for starters that this is the wrong Kendra Baker. She is a third grade teacher and clearly too young to have been teaching for 17 years. Second, the Kendra Baker that did write it on her board was not including it as apart of the curriculum it was during election time and students were viewing their own opinions of what others think of each party. Either way this is the wrong picture of the Kendra Baker you are referring to. You’re liable for slander and misrepresentation of a person and you should take it off.