Talae Akei Thomas Drowns Newborn Son Chase Harrelson Because He Was the Devil

child killer Talae Akei Thomas
Talae Akei Thomas murders newborn son Chase Harrelson because she thought he was the devil.

JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL: Another child has been killed by his mother. Talae Akei Thomas, 30, murdered her newborn son, allegedly telling the police she drowned Chase Harrelson because she believed he was the devil.

Daily Mail:  Thomas told officers ‘I drowned the devil that was in my baby’ after the newborn ‘started talking’ to her, according to a police statement. ‘My baby died five weeks ago in the hospital,’ Thomas said in the statement obtained by the Associated Press.

‘I brought the devil home; mine died in the hospital after they did CPR on him. The baby started talking to me and I knew he was the devil.  ‘He was the devil, so I killed him. I drowned the devil that was in my baby,’ the affidavit said.

Thomas, who is a Christian, was arrested on November 16 after police found her lying in the street in Plant City, Florida, and she told them she had lost her baby.  When officers searched her apartment they found Chase’s body floating in a bathtub, according to a report in The Huffington Post

Why are these women having these children only to murder them? This is heinous and if anyone is the devil, it’s Talae Akei Thomas. This comes as Camilia Terry murdered her son, three year old Emilliano Terry, and threw his body in the trash.