Throwback to the 1960s: Hampden-Sydney College Students Shout Racial Slurs After Obama’s Reelection

Seal of Hampden-Sydney College

Throwback to the 1960s: Hampden-Sydney College Students Shout Racial Slurs After Obama’s Reelection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The right wing must be really proud because protests over President Obama’s reelection erupted at another institution of higher learning — Hampden-Sydney College. According to the Huffington Post, about 40 students shouted racial slurs, threw bottles and set off fireworks outside the Minority Student Union hours after President Obama won the presidential election.

Hampden-Sydney College President Chris Howard said in an email to parents Thursday that the disturbance early Wednesday also included threats of physical violence.

Howard is the college’s first African-American president. He said in the email that he was disappointed in the “harmful, senseless episode” and that bigotry has no place on the campus of 1,080. About 9 percent are black. Source

Well, the same thing erupted at the University of Mississippi, that has had an ugly past of overt racism, that led to the National Guard coming out to ensure the safety of its first black student James Meredith.

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  • hscrugger

    First of all, Hampden Sydney College is one of the finest institutions
    to receive a liberal arts education. Secondly, it was a very select few
    that demonstrated ignorance and an obvious violation of our honor code.
    The appropriate actions will take place and due process will run its
    course. However, to claim that all the students act in this manner is
    absurd. That is no different than saying “all black people voted for
    Obama because of color of his skin.” Yes, this school is prominently
    conservative but not everyone here is. I for one voted for Obama. So
    please out of respect do not assume. The students involved should not
    have acted in this way but students of that sort do not get far in this
    world or at this college.