Atlanta Megachurch Pastor Wiley Jackson, Brother Facing 8 Felony Charges for Violating GA Securities Act

Gospel Tabernacle Church Pastor Wiley Jackson

Atlanta Megachurch Pastor Wiley Jackson, Brother Facing 8 Felony Charges for Violating GA Securities Act (Photo Credit: Gospel Tabernacle)

Another megachurch pastor bites the dust.  Pastor Wiley Jackson, who leads Gospel Tabernacle Church in Atlanta, and his brother, Rodney Jackson, are facing eight felony counts for allegedly violating the Georgia Securities Act. DeKalb District Attorney Robert James said Wiley Jackson and his brother misled their church members into investing into Genesis LLC, a securities entity that was not registered by the state, WSB-TV reports.

James told Channel 2’s Tom Regan the men recruited members to pitch in thousands of dollars that would be used for ministry-related investments, like inspirational books, tapes and other items. But the investors didn’t get a promise on their return and lost their money.

“They met with them, and one of these individuals (who invested in the business) gave as much as $10,000; the other $2,000, they invested with them and they lost their money,” James explained.

James said the investment issue dates back several years, but in 2009, the accusers went to the Secretary of State’s Office and learned Genesis LLC wasn’t registered by the state and then reported the case to the district attorney. Source

Bishop Wiley Jackson and Rodney Jackson will be arrested shortly, as arrest warrants have been issued for them. You will recall New Birth Missionary Baptist Church was caught up on a Ponzi-scheme type hot mess.

Pastor Wiley Jackson issued the following statement:  “I am surprised to learn of this indictment. I am out of town and cannot respond until I have read the indictment. There has been no wrongdoing.”

Obnoxious TV has more information on the Wiley Jackson drama, including that he allegedly called a meeting at the church asking for a large sum of money.  Developing story. Stay tuned for more details.

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