BREAKING: Shooting and Stampede Near Club Crave Where Rapper Yo Gotti Hosted Christmas Party in Memphis TN

BREAKING NEWS:  One person dead in shooting and possible stampede near club Crave in Memphis, Tenn., Sunday night. WMCTV is reporting that four people were injured, and eye witnesses say one person was shot in the head.

Memphis Rapper Yo Gotti hosted a Christmas party at club Crave Sunday night and at this party, he was supposed to give out $10,000 to partygoers throughout the night. That’s according to a flyer that was posted on the rapper’s Facebook fan page, WMCTV reports.

  • Yo Gotti is 2 blame.

  • Janet:

    Just to show you that I am not being unfair to you……..

    NO ONE will accuse you of avoiding the discussion of ‘Black On Black’ violence. You indeed POST these issues on your blog.

    Your bias shows when it comes to ANALYZING the transactions that you post.

    While the NRA’s (right wing) ideas are askew from reality and you point that out………..when it comes to indexing these transactions into a LARGER STORY that might make an indictment upon the LEFT WING FORCES that you work to protect – you take a “Just The Facts Ma’am” disposition.

    IF there is no means of taking a swipe at the right-wing – you are loathed to make an analysis.

    Tell me where I am wrong – after watching you for about 4 years?