Jesse Lewis Named as Another Child Victim in Newtown School Shooting Massacre

Jesse Lewis and father

Jesse Lewis Named as Another Child Victim in the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Massacre by Adam Lanza (Photo credit: NY Post)

Jesse Lewis, 6, has been named as another child victim in the Newtown school shooting massacre by Adam Lanza that occurred Friday. The New York Post reports Jesse Lewis’ father, Neil Heslin, had dropped his son off at Sandy Hook Elementary school that morning and had planned to return in the afternoon to join parents in the making gingerbread houses. Ana Marquez-Greene, 7, and Grace McDonnell were also among the 20 children murdered.

Here is the latest photograph of Adam Lanza (as you can see, he looks like someone with some serious issues):

Adam Lanza kills 26

Adam Lanza (latest photo) killed 26 people, including 20 children, in shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School


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