Linda Hunnicutt Fatally Shot After Accidentally Hitting Frank Louis Reeves in His Wheelchair at Macon GA Gas Station

JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL – Linda Hunnicutt, 65, was fatally shot after she accidentally hit a man in a wheelchair at Macon, Ga., gas station. The Macon Telegraph reports the man told a witness he thought the woman was trying to hit him with her car.

Melissa Whisby told the newspaper that she was pulling in for gas when she saw a woman in a gray Buick in front of her get out of her car and collapse at the gas station on Gray Highway shortly after 1 p.m. on Tuesday. Whisby, 45, said she saw that the woman had been shot, then ran over to help her. When she asked, “Who shot her?” Whisby said the man in the wheelchair answered: “I shot her,” he said, “because she tried to hit me with her car.” Linda Hunnicutt, 65, was shot once in the chest with a .38-caliber revolver. Frank Louis Reeves, 73, who lives in a nearby apartment, was later jailed and charged with murder. Whisby says she never saw a confrontation between Hunnicutt and Reeves. Whisby says Hunnicutt stopped, got out and walked toward the back of her car as though she was looking for something under the car. But when Whisby noticed Hunnicutt wasn’t moving, she went to the woman’s aid and asked another witness to call 911.. Source: AJC