Louis Kuilan-Maysonet Fatally Shot by Security Guard at Boomerang Martini Bar in Brandon FL During Altercation

Andrew Jennings, a security guard at Boomerang Martini Bar in Brandon, Fla., shot and killed Louis Kuilan-Maysonet, after he started arguing with Christopher Gonzalez-Cartagena over his girlfriend’s lost purse. Reggaeton star Farruko had been slated to perform at a Christmas party at the club, but the event turned into chaos, ending up in the parking lot.

The fight started inside the club as it was closing, around 3 a.m., Samara Sodos said. Kuilan-Maysonet started arguing with Christopher Gonzalez-Cartagena, 27. The argument began over a purse lost by Kuilan-Maysonet’s girlfriend, Sodos said. The argument continued into the parking lot.

According to a release from the sheriff’s office: Kuilan-Maysonet lifted his shirt and flashed a handgun in his waistband while Gonzalez-Cartagena tried to walk to his car. Kuilan-Maysonet began shooting at Gonzalez-Cartagena, who suffered several gunshot wounds, including a graze to the head.

As Kuilan-Maysonet began shooting, Andrew Jennings, 25, a club security guard, was directing traffic. When Jennings heard gunshots, he turned and saw Kuilan-Maysonet shooting. Jennings ordered him to stop, but Kuilan-Maysonet spun around toward Jennings with a gun in his hand. Jennings fired several shots at Kuilan-Maysonet, hitting him. During the gun battle, a bar patron named Alejandro Salavarrieta, 22, was shot in the leg. Investigators at this point do not yet know who shot him. Source

Guns in the wrong hands can have deadly consequences. This is the drawback to having people carry concealed weapons in clubs, churches and other high traffic areas.