Memorable Tweets of 2012: Jack Welch’s Job Numbers Rant, Donald Trump Calling for a Revolution

The most memorable tweets of 2012 include former General Electric CEO Jack Welch’s rant accusing President Obama of padding the jobs numbers; Donald Trump’s meltdown over President Obama winning reelection and calling for a “revolution” and right wing evangelical wingnut Bryan Fischer calling for an “Underground Railroad” over gay couples adopting. He called it a “kidnapping.” Let’s also not forget RNC Chairman’s Reince Priebus’ response to the Democrats resurrecting a Ted Kennedy smackdown of Mitt Romney.

Jack Welch’s job padding numbers rant:

Donald Trump’s election night meltdown:

Donald Trump revolution
Donald Trump Twitter meltdown calling for “revolution”

Right wing evangelical Bryan Fischer and the “underground railroad:’

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus stinking up Twitter over Ted Kennedy smackdown:

Here’s the accompanying video of Ted Kennedy and Mitt Romney debating: