NRA Issues Statement Five Days After Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

NRA issues statement on Connecticut school shooting, says ‘we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken’ by the news.  The group has scheduled ‘major news conference’ in Washington, DC area for Dec. 21 and is ‘prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.’ This statement comes five days after Adam Lanza murdered 20 innocent children and six adults at the school. Um, don’t expect that ‘meaningful contribution’ to be anything other than a call for more guns.

  • [quote]Um, don’t expect that ‘meaningful contribution’ to be anything other than a call for more guns.[/quote]


    In Atlanta about 3 weeks ago the Civil Rights Pharisees held a “Stop The Violence In Our Community” forum.
    They showed the picture of a little girl who had been murdered in Southeast Atlanta DURING the election season but – at the time of her murder did not see fit to suspend their political campaigning that caused them to extend their focus OUTSIDE OF THEIR COMMUNITY.

    If we look at the proportion of murders in the Black community and delineate between assault weapons and standard guns -WHY THEN aren’t YOU making the case that with so few assault weapons used to MURDER BLACK PEOPLE TODAY – this talk about GUN CONTROL is a LOT OF MOTION but it is NOT going to significantly address the problems in the Black community.

    The ONE COMMON DENOMINATOR, regardless of the weapon used in the crime is the CONSCIOUSNESS of the person.

    It would be grand if you focused on the FORCES who were charged with sculpting this consciousness but who have failed to do so because they are so busy politicking on external issues to the community.