NRA Goes Silent In Aftermath of Newtown School Shooting, Takes Down Facebook Page, Sends No Tweets

NEWTOWN SCHOOL SHOOTING:  The National Rifle Association hasn’t issued a statement in aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre by Adam Lanza that left 26 dead, including 20 children and six teachers. The NRA hasn’t sent a tweet and has taken down their Facebook page. This is nothing new. They went silent after the Aurora movie theater shooting, the Sikh temple shooting, the Clackamas mall shooting and now the Newtown shooting massacre.

National Rifle Association response to shooting massacres
National Rifle Association Goes Quiet Again in the Aftermath of Another Shooting Massacre, Quietly Takes Down Facebook Page, No Twitter Activity (Photo credit: Buzzfeed)
  • John

    Im sorry it took the events of the past year to to get our legislative body to bring about real gun control. Sandy Hook will be looked back upon as the triggering event. More guns are sold after events like Sandy Hook than at any other time. Gun dealer profits are jumping this week. What happened to the days when self protection meant a good old fashion shotgun? Nowadays a Bushmaster is more fashionable. But how many intruders are falling from one? Instead its our family members, neighbors and ourselves.

  • Jeff

    so true