NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Continues Lunacy on “Meet the Press” Dodging Questions About High Capacity Magazines

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NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Continues Lunacy on “Meet the Press” Dodging Questions About High Capacity Magazines. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association continued his “lunacy” on “Meet the Press” dodging David Gregory’s questions about gun legislation, instead, continuing to blame everyone else. He basically dug in on his hardline stance against backing any new gun legislation. Gregory asked, “if it’s possible to reduce the loss of life, you’re willing to try [gun control],” holding up a high capacity magazine of ammunition, adding, “isn’t it possible that if we got rid of these, isn’t it just possible that we could reduce the carnage in a situation like New Haven?” Wayne LaPierre’s response was, as I expected, “I don’t think that’s going to make one difference.” He gives a whole new meaning to the word “evasive.”

Wayne LaPierre said there was no chance new gun control will pass in the Congress and made it clear that he was unmoved by the critics who attacked his train wreck of a press conference on Friday, 90 minutes after the country observed a moment of silence for the victims in the Newtown school shooting massacre. He said, “If it’s crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham seemed to back his assertion that an assault weapons ban wouldn’t work, saying that he was stopped by people in his state of South Carolina, who begged him not the allow the government to take away their guns. I wonder if Wayne LaPierre or Lindsey Graham had lost a child or grandchild in the Sandy Hook shooting massacre if their position would be the same? I don’t think so, which makes their arguments so hypocritical.

As for the issue of the mentally ill getting their hands on guns, I am afraid some of the same Republicans saying something must be done, voted against Obamacare, which would cover mental illness. There is no way a mentally ill person should be able to get a gun, but Adam Lanza didn’t purchase a gun. he used his mother’s Bushmaster to carry out his shooting rampage, so how do you stop someone like that from getting his hand on a gun? His mother was his enabler. There was no reason why James Eagan Holmes was able to purchase hundreds of rounds of ammunition, though he was getting psychological counselling. No-one asks questions or the right questions, that is. Money talks and that’s all that matters for some people. A red flag should have gone up when Holmes purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition with no questions asked.

Wayne LaPierre’s position is that the government must lock up more people and not deal with the question of whether a high capacity magazine is necessary. He dodged David Gregory’s question about the possibility that a smaller magazine, say one that held five rounds of ammunition, as opposed to 30, would mean more lives would be spared. The reality is that it would. Adam Lanza didn’t have a criminal record nor did James Eagan Holmes, who emptied a drum holding 100 rounds of ammunition on innocent moviegoers in Aurora, Colo. Wayne LaPierre didn’t offer any credible solutions, but hid behind the Second Amendment, which should be revisited, considering that when it was written, high capacity magazines and assault weapons didn’t exist. I guess what Wayne LaPierre wants to see is the Wild, Wild West brought into the 21st century.

Here’s what Connecticut school officials had to say about Wayne LaPierre’s proposal to add armed guards to every school:

Hartford Courant: Politicians, Public Say Armed Presence In Schools Isn’t The Right Tack

Norwich Bulletin: Superintendents: NRA plan for armed school guards short-sighted

Record-Journal: Local officials scoff at NRA’s stance on armed guards in all schools

Watch Wayne LaPierre on “Meet the Press” continuing is lunacy:

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