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Samuel L. Jackson: Michelle Obama is History, Can Become President or SCOTUS Justice

President Barack Obama and the First Lady Mich...

Samuel L. Jackson: Michelle Obama is History, Can Become President or SCOTUS Justice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Samuel L. Jackson, who played Nick Fury in summer blockbuster “The Avengers,” said First Lady Michelle Obama would make a fine president or a Supreme Court justice if she wants. Of course, Michelle Obama hasn’t indicated she has political aspirations, but I guess Samuel L. Jackson wants to see the Obama legacy continue, like as in the case of George H. W. Bush and his sons or even Bill Clinton and wife Hillary Clinton, who many expect to run for the presidency in 2016.

Jackson told Newsweek: “Michelle is Superwoman. What can’t she do? That’s why people love her.””She can be on the Supreme Court and anywhere else she wants. She can be the president. She’s history and she’ll stay history because she is so amazingly smart and together.”

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  • http://functionalculture.blogspot.com Constructive_Feedback

    Still not interested in restoring your credibility after the election I see Janet.

    You clearly deal in PERSONALITY over GOVERNANCE and PROCESS.

    Remember how with the AJC’s Mike Luckovich – Bush’s deficit of $495 billion in one year drove him to draw a “Spending Like A Drunken Sailor” cartoon.

    With today’s cartoon and the subtle shift away from the discussion of the 5 straight year of $1,000 billion deficits – it shows that your are not the only one with a credibility problem.