Score One for President Obama, John Boehner Admits the Rich Will Pay Higher Taxes

Score one for President Obama, House Speaker John Boehner admits the rich will have to pay higher taxes. According to CNN, Boehner conceded on Wednesday in challenging President Barack Obama to sit down with him to hammer out a deal for avoiding the fiscal cliff. “President Obama, however, continued to insist on Republicans first ensuring no tax hike for anyone but the top 2% of Americans as a first step toward a broader agreement on tackling the nation’s chronic federal deficits and debt.The statements reflected how negotiations on the automatic spending cuts and tax hikes set to occur on January 1.”

  • Still not interested in that credibility, huh Janet?

    From THE WASHINGTON POST: (Which is also highly biased)

    Ending Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich Would Save About $80 Billion In 2013, Analysts Say

    BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!

    ** The “cost” of Tax Cuts For The Rich $50 Billion For Top 2%

    ** Add to it new Republican proposals for Estate Tax and Gift Taxes $31 billion (For a total of $81 billion)

    BUT WAIT!!!!!
    Hummmm why did they use that headline rather than telling the truth?

    Tax cuts for the 98% will COST $223 BILLION

    Janet do you see that the very same people who CELEBRATE Obama spending $49.5 billion on General Motors during a tax year that had a $1,000 billion DEFICIT and then they ran a head line story on how Mitt Romney’s mutual fund PROFITED $15 MILLION on the GM Deal ——– cannot be taken seriously when we are talking ECONOMICS?

    Why did the Washington Post (and a group of leftist economists on CSPAN last week) carp about how the TAX CUTS ON THE RICH being taken away is the GATEWAY TO A STRONG ECONOMIC FUTURE in America – BUT – the can’t bring themselves to focus on the LARGER NUMBER?

    Thats not all. Don’t forget about the SOCIAL SECURITY “Payroll Tax Holiday” . This strips money out of Social Security for present ease – but exacerbates the long term fiscal crisis that America faces.

    Tell me Janet – in your calculus as the Democrats won the votes of “The Least Of These’ but failed to develop them have you EVER SAID “STRIKE ONE against the people who invested their confidence”?

    • Constructive Feedback — Are you in the top two percent?