Swaziland Outlaws ‘Rape-Provoking’ Mini-Skirts, Tops Exposing Mid-Riffs, But Allows Traditional Costumes

English: Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini at the Re...
Women Wearing Mini-Skirts or Tops Exposing Mid-Riff Risk Arrest in Swaziland, Make it Easier for Rapists (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MINI-SKIRT BAN IN SWAZILAND: ¬†Women wearing mini-skirts or tops exposing their midriff risk arrest in Swaziland, police spokeswoman Wendy Hleta said. BBC reports,¬†Hleta said police would enforce an 1889 law which bans “immoral” dressing if they receive a complaint. Why? They claim women make it easier for rapists by wearing mini-skirts. The law doesn’t apply to traditional costumes worn by women during ceremonies like the annual reed dance, BBC reports.


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