Swaziland Outlaws ‘Rape-Provoking’ Mini-Skirts, Tops Exposing Mid-Riffs, But Allows Traditional Costumes

English: Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini at the Re...
Women Wearing Mini-Skirts or Tops Exposing Mid-Riff Risk Arrest in Swaziland, Make it Easier for Rapists (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MINI-SKIRT BAN IN SWAZILAND:  Women wearing mini-skirts or tops exposing their midriff risk arrest in Swaziland, police spokeswoman Wendy Hleta said. BBC reports, Hleta said police would enforce an 1889 law which bans “immoral” dressing if they receive a complaint. Why? They claim women make it easier for rapists by wearing mini-skirts. The law doesn’t apply to traditional costumes worn by women during ceremonies like the annual reed dance, BBC reports.


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