BREAKING NEWS: Student Shot at Price Middle School in Atlanta

#PRICESHOOTING: PRICE MIDDLE SCHOOL SHOOTING:  A student was shot at Price Middle School in Atlanta. The suspect is in police custody. A teacher injured, 11 Alive reports. The Atlanta fire department tells@11AliveNews that 14-year-old was shot in the head. The student is hospitalized at this time. The shooter is also a student.

11 Alive News:  According to the Atlanta Fire Department, there was a 14-year-old shot in the head. Grady Memorial Hospital says they have received one under-aged gunshot victim.

Atlanta Public Schools public information officer Steve Alford said the gunshot wound was more toward the back of the neck, and indicated that the child was awake when taken to Grady Hospital.

Price Middle School is located at 1670 Benjamin Weldon Bickers Drive SE in Atlanta. Stay tuned. Developing story.