Chelsea Star Eden Hazard Should be Fired for Kicking Ball Boy During English League Cup Game

Eden Hazard Chelsea star kicks ball boy
Chelsea Star Eden Hazard Should be Fired from Team for Kicking Ball Boy (Photo credit: MTN Football)

DISGRACEFUL:  Chelsea star Eden Hazard should be kicked off the team for kicking a ball boy, Charlie Morgan, because he didn’t return the ball to him quickly enough. That’s somebody’s child and he thought that he showed such little regard for this kid is unconscionable.

An apology isn’t enough. Eden Hazard was ejected from the Wednesday semifinal game in the English League Cup between Chelsea and Swansea. Charlie Morgan is the son of hotel and property tycoon Martin Morgan, who is said to be the 32nd richest person in Wales.

The ball bounced off an advertising board behind the goal line at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium late in the scoreless match. A 17-year-old ball boy picked up the ball, but when Hazard tried to reclaim it to continue the game, the ball boy went down to the ground and smothered the ball.

Hazard, 22, tried to lodge the ball free with his hands but was unsuccessful. Hazard then kicked the ball free from under him, but apparently made contact with the teen, who was left holding his mid-section.

Several Chelsea players were seen tending to the ball boy and helping him to his feet after the incident. The ball boy left the game. A referee gave Hazard a red card, throwing him out of the game. Source