Fox News Pundit Charles Krauthammer: Sandy Relief Bill Would be a “Rape of the Treasury”

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Fox News Pundit Charles Krauthammer:  Sandy Relief Bill Would be a “Rape of the Treasury” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Republicans continue to show how little regard they have for women’s issues and it is high time that women in the U.S. hold the party to task. The latest conservative to make light of sexual assault against women is so-called pundit Charles Krauthammer, who slammed those who criticized John Boehner for blocking the Sandy relief bill, during an appearance on Fox News.

Charles Krauthammer said, “I think what Boehner did in postponing the vote until today was absolutely right,” adding that the legislation included a “ton of pork” and would have been a “rape of the treasury.” Wow, really Mr. Krauthammer? How incredibly insensitive of you to make light of the word rape. Um, I wonder if he heard about Jyoti Singh Pandey, who died after being gang-raped on a bus in India?

Watch video of Charles Krauthammer making light of “rape:”

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