MINSTREL SHOW ALERT: TLC’s New Reality Show ‘The Sisterhood’ Is Beyond Disgraceful

TLC reality show The Sisterhood
Christina Murray, Delana Rutherford, Tary Y. Lewis, Ivy Couch and Domonique Scott are “The Sisterhood” on TLC

MINSTREL SHOW ALERT: Another hot mess on TLC is new reality show ‘The Sisterhood’ which follows the lives of five metro Atlanta preachers’ wives — Christina Murray, Delana Rutherford, Tary Y. Lewis, Ivy Couch and Domonique Scott. Bad weaves, bad attitudes and stereotypical behavior. Time to boycott this show along with Oxygen’s “All My Babies’ Mamas.”

The members of Worship With Wonders in Kennesaw and Oasis Family Life Church in Paulding County, Emanuel Tabernacle located in inner-city Atlanta, as well as the other churches where these women belong, should demand that this ridiculous side-show come to an end or find another place of worship. This flies in the face of good Christian values.
The women were interviewed by the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Rodney Ho and claim they want to show they are regular human beings with sex lives, financial problems and dark pasts. Um, really? Seems like talent means nothing in showbiz anymore. I thought TLC stood for The Learning Channel. Guess all sense of decency flew out of the window.
Emmanuel Tabernacle
Pastor:  Mark Couch
823 Dill Avenue
Atlanta, GA  30310
Tel.:  404-753-5551
Email:  EmmanuelTab@yahoo.com
Worship with Wonders
Pastor:  Myles Rutherford
425 Barrett Parkway
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Tel.:  770-428-4196
Oasis Family Life Church
Pastor:  Anthony Murray
210 Paulding Lane
Dallas, GA 30132
Tel.:  770-445-9201
Pastor Anthony Murray is on Facebook and Twitter
Will update with the other two churches shortly.
  • It seems that Oxygen is trying to become another branch of Below Ethical Television.
    Do we really know anything about Oxygen’s corporate story?
    I think that we need to find out more about their back story and who makes programming decisions.