Supermodel Naomi Campbell Injured in Violent Attack, Robbery in Paris

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Model Naomi Campbell Injured in Violent Attack, Robbery in Paris(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Model Naomi Campbell was injured in a violent attack and robbery on a Paris street. The Daily Mail is reporting the attack was not reported to the authorities.

New York Post reports: “Her leg was injured as she was violently pushed to the ground. She was understandably very upset and shaken up,” the source said. It is not known what the thugs stole from her, but it’s believed they were targeting expensive jewelry she may have been wearing.”

“The beauty’s billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, immediately flew her by private jet to Vail, Colo., where she was treated by J. Richard Steadman, one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the world and the founder of the Steadman Clinic, which has treated many athletes, includingAlex Rodriguez.Naomi, 42, has been using a wheelchair and crutches to get around following the attack, which happened over a month ago.”

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