Mother Jones: ‘Massive New Plan’ by Liberals to Remake American Politics Uncovered

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Mother Jones:  ‘Massive New Plan’ by Liberals to Remake American Politics Uncovered(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mother Jones reports that one month after President Obama won reelection, “top brass from three dozen of the most powerful groups in liberal politics met at the headquarters of the National Education Association, a few blocks north of the White House” with ambitious plans to remake American politics. This is the kind of news that will have conservatives foaming at the mouth.

“At the end of the day, many of the attendees closed with a pledge of money and staff resources to build a national, coordinated campaign around three goals: getting big money out of politics, expanding the voting rolls while fighting voter ID laws, and rewriting Senate rules to curb the use of the filibuster to block legislation. The groups in attendance pledged a total of millions of dollars and dozens of organizers to form a united front on these issues–potentially, a coalition of a kind rarely seen in liberal politics, where squabbling is common and a stay-in-your-lane attitude often prevails.”

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  • pelmo

    And this doesn’t scare you at all. Well it does me. When ANY powerful group pledges to spend millions of dollars on something I get worried. I don’t care what side of the fence they come from, I start to worry.
    Are they going to REFORM politics, or just make sure that one side gets in and takes control of ALL the power. Our founding father’s put in a check and balance system, and I do believe this group is going to work to do away with it.

    • Pelmo — Yeah, you should be scared of the power conservative leaning groups have as well — Crossroads Super PAC and the NRA. You can’t complain when liberals don’t curl up in a ball.