Nehemiah Griego Identified as Teen Gunman Who Killed Five at Albuquerque Home Located on Long Lane

NEW MEXICO QUINTUPLE HOMICIDE:  Bernalillo County police say Nehemiah Griego is in custody and is being charged with two counts of murder and three counts of child abuse leading to murder in the deaths of occupants of a home located at 2806 Long Lane SW in Albuquerque NM. Police believe the teen used an AR-15 assault rifle in the shooting. Nehemiah Griego lives at the home where the bodies were found, KRQE reports.

“There’s no other way to say it but we have a horrific crime scene we’re working and it’ll be intensive and we’ll work hard to do everything that needs to be done,” Sheriff Dan Houston said.

Officials say they found multiple weapons that appeared to be used, including an assault type rifle.

UPDATE#1 (01/20/2013): Nehemiah Griego reportedly killed his father, pastor Greg Griego, and four others. It is not clear if Sarah Griego, whose name is listed as a co-owner of the home, is among the dead.

  • Francesco Zeno

    There is no such thing as a semi-automatic assault rifle. An assault
    rifle, by definition, needs to be capable of selective fire, something
    which the civilian AR-15 is not.

    The media should stop referring
    to such guns as assault rifles. Not being from the US and having read so
    much about the US and assault rifles (especially recently) I thought
    the US was handing out actual assault rifles. They’re not, and I only
    found out after having done some research.

    Anyway, I think guns
    shouldn’t be made illegal in the US, there should simply be a Gun
    Owner’s license and a Gun Owner’s license test. Just like there is one
    for drivers.

    • ibwilliamsi

      …because semantics is the most important part of this story.

      Tell me, when angry your kid steals your car, how likely is he to successfully annihilate your family with it?

  • Kasper Hauser

    A crazed guy in China broke into a high school with a knife and stabbed 18 people, but nobody died.
    No way will guns ever be outlawed.. But it’s insane not to have more restrictions.

    • We currently have 20,000 gun laws. You think 25-30,000 ought to do the trick?

  • jaznm

    it’s interesting that the KRQE link only shows this- “an assault-type rifle” and NOT ” Police believe the teen used an AR-15 assault rifle in the shooting.” Creative license being used???