Phillip Walker Sailors, Charged in Lilburn Driveway Shooting, Released on $11000 Bond

Phillip Walker Sailors released on $11K bond
Phillip Walker Sailors, Suspect in Lilburn Driveway Shooting, Released on $11000 Bond

OUTRAGE:  Phillip Walker Sailors, the suspect in the Lilburn driveway murder released after posting $11,200 bond. So, I guess Rodrigo Abad Diaz’s life wasn’t worth much in the eyes of Gwinnett County.

Phillip Walker Sailors, 69,  was arrested Sunday afternoon and charged with murder in the death of Rodrigo Diaz of Duluth, who had recently moved from Cuba three months ago.

According to media reports, friends of Rodrigo Abad Diaz said he pulled into the driveway of a Hillcrest Drive home Saturday night, led to the wrong home by his GPS system. Phillip Sailors allegedly came out of the home with a gun and fired a shot that struck Diaz in the head. He later died in a local hospital.

People have done far less and have had to post far bigger bonds. Yes, right here in metro Atlanta. Take the two guys who stole $65,000 worth of chicken wings. Their bail was nearly $3,000. Someone is murdered and the shooter’s bond is $11,200. Where’s the logic?

  • Sad part is, all posting a bond means is that someone else (probably a bail bond company) has agreed to pay that amount if he doesn’t show up to court. He probably only had to pay them a percentage of the $11,200. FOR A MURDER CASE! Disgusting.

  • FireDragon

    Shame on the legal system, if you have a gun you need to have your eyesight and mental acuity checked. Sailors obviously is way too old to own a gun and could not determine that these were unarmed innocent kids.