TrackingPoint New ‘Smart-Gun’ Capable of Turning Anyone in Master Marksman Will Retail for $17K

Tracking Point smart gun
TrackingPoint Releases New ‘Smart-Gun’ Capable of Turning Anyone in Master Marksman

Just when the gun control debate intensifies, a highly sophisticated weapon, the Tracking Point rifle,  hits the market January 14, 2013, with a price tag of $17,000. This new ‘smart-gun’ is equipped with a computerized scope, which will enable anyone to become a master marksman.

Boasting three on-board processors and a precision guided firing system, the TrackingPoint rifle evaluates environmental factors such as wind speed and calculates the positions of moving targets with a claimed accuracy of almost a mile for novices.

Compensating for human error, looking through the futuristic laser rangefinder sight resembles the view a pilot has in a jet fighter cockpit and turns conventional bolt action rifles into deadly snipers – albeit at a cost of $17,000.


On their website TrackingPoint say they build ‘Precision Guided Firearms, or ‘PGFs, ‘which are a series of three heavily customized hunting rifles, ranging from a .300 Winchester Magnum with a 22-inch barrel up to a .338 Lapua Magnum with 27-inch barrel, all fitted with advanced computerized scopes. Source:  Daily Mail

Do civilians really need a wi-fi enabled rifle? In light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre that left 20 children and six adults dead, is this the best we can come up with? More sophisticated rifles?

Watch TrackingPoint demonstration of ‘smart-gun:’

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    Ya the gun debate is a non debate, not only can anyone be a sniper now but in a year or 2 we will be able to print boththe weapon and the scope. If we actually had any desire to stop mass shootings we would focus more on why these people do such horrendous rather than what tool they used to exsecute their plans with.