NH Rep. Mark Warden Apologizes for Insensitive Domestic Abuse Remarks

NH Rep. Mark Warden domestic abuse remarks abusive relationships

NH Rep. Mark Warden Apologizes for Insensitive Domestic Abuse Remarks (Photo Credit: Mark Warden)

Republicans continue to show how out of touch they are with women’s issues and it is a sad commentary. The latest Republican to trivialize a women’s issue, in the tradition of Richard Mourdock, is New Hampshire Rep. Mark Warden, who said some people may like being in abusive relationships and that they are free to leave at any time.

Um, case in point, Elizabeth Wilson was stabbed to death by her boyfriend Peter Daniels in Niagara Falls. She had reportedly complained of being afraid of Daniels.  So, no, Rep. Mark Warden, it isn’t as easy as you think to walk away.  Rep. Mark Warden made the insensitive comments Tuesday during a debate on a bill to reduce the penalty for simple assault in some cases, the Concord Monitor reports.

“Some people could make the argument that a lot of people like being in abusive relationships. It’s a love-hate relationship. It’s very, very common for people to stick around with somebody they love who also abuses him or her,” said Rep. Mark Warden, a Republican who represents Deering, Goffstown and Weare, during a meeting of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, according to a video provided by Granite State Progress, a liberal advocacy group.

According to the video, Warden added, “Is the solution to those kind of dysfunctional relationships going to be more government, another law? I’d say no. People are always free to leave.” Source

Amazing. Another politician dismissing being in an abusive relationship as no big deal. Absolutely despicable. Why make the comment only to apologize? Rep. Mark Warden apologized Wednesday saying,  “It was never my intention to minimize the trauma of domestic abuse or in any way demean the victims. I find violence abhorrent.” Um, that’s not what you said yesterday bruh!

Body of Marco McMillian, Clarksdale MS Mayoral Candidate, Found in Coahoma County

openly gay mayoral candidate Marco McMillian murdered

Body of Openly Gay MS Mayoral Candidate Marco McMillian Found, Homicide Suspected (Photo credit:  Reuters)

A body found in Coahoma County, Miss., has now been confirmed to be that of Clarksdale mayoral candidate Marco McMillian, 34.

Police began searching for Marco McMillian after his car was involved in an accident that sent two people to the hospital. His body was found about 10 to 15 miles west of Clarksdale. Source

According to the latest media reports, authorities are investigating the death of Marco McMillian, who was openly gay, as a homicide and said a person of interest is in custody. No other details were released.

Coahoma County Coroner Scotty Meredith said Marco McMillian’s body was found near the levee between Sherard and Rena Lara. It was sent to Jackson for an autopsy.


Homeland Security Official Resigns After Illegal Immigrants Released, Blamed on Budget Cuts

BREAKING:  Homeland Security official resigns after ICE’s release of illegal immigrants blamed on budget cuts, the AP reports. KIRO-TV identified the official as Gary Mead, who sent an email telling co-workers he was leaving the ICE at the end of April. His resignation was reportedly sent hours after U.S. officials confirmed a few hundred illegal immigrants facing deportation had been released from immigration jails due to budget cuts.

The White House is running like Usain Bolt heading to the finish line away from this controversy. Politico reports, that the White House and the Department of Homeland Security were unaware of Immigration Customs and Enforcement’s decision to release detainees until the agency announced it, administration officials said Wednesday. Um, really? Is that why a Homeland Security official reportedly resigned?

White House press secretary Jay Carney  described those released as “low-risk, non-criminal detainees,” Politico reports. We are talking about as many as 30,000 illegal immigrants who were incarcerated being set free. Seems to me like Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, has no clue what is going on in the DHS.

Las Vegas Strip Shooting: Tineesha Lashun Howard a ‘Person of Interest’ in Ammar Harris Manhunt

Tineesha Lashun Howard person of interest Ammar Harris

Las Vegas Strip Shooting: Tineesha Lashun Howard a ‘Person of Interest’ in Ammar Harris Manhunt (Photo: Reuters)

Have you seen Tineesha Lashun Howard? She is now listed as a ‘person of interest’ in the Las Vegas Strip shooting that left three dead — Kenneth Cherry (AKA Kenny Clutch), taxi cab driver Michael Boldon and his passenger Sandi Sutton Wasmund.

Police said Tineesha Lashun Howard was riding in a black Range Rover with prime suspect Ammar Harris, who opened fire on Cherry’s Maserati early Thursday morning. Kenneth Cherry Jr. was fatally shot and his vehicle veered out of control hitting Boldon’s taxi cab which erupted into flames. Was Tineesha Lashun Howard an accomplice in the drive-by shooting or was she kidnapped?

A multi-state manhunt has been launched for Ammar Harris, who has an extensive criminal history that includes robbery, sexual assault, kidnapping and soliciting prostitution. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police spokesman Officer Bill Cassell said it is believed Ammar Harris is ‘involved in the sex trade.’ He has several tattoos on his body, including a large black-eyed owl on his neck and a small heart on his upper right cheek.

Tineesha Lashun Howard is described as a ‘missing and possibly endangered individual’ from the Miami area. The Miami Police Department is probing how she went missing.

15 Year Old Alleged Rape Victim ‘to be Flogged’ for Premarital Sex in Maldives

A 15 year old girl is facing lashing in the Maldives after she admitted to having premarital sex. The girl was allegedly raped by her stepfather, who is facing 25 years in prison if convicted. He is also accused of killing a baby which resulted from the alleged rape of the teen.

AFP:  “A Maldives court has sentenced a 15-year-old alleged rape victim to 100 lashes and eight months under house arrest after she admitted having had premarital sex in a separate incident, an official said Wednesday.”

“During a police probe into allegations that the girl had been raped by her stepfather, investigators uncovered evidence that she had had consensual sex with another man.”

“Though she has been sentenced she will be lashed once she turns 18,” the court official, who asked not to be named, told AFP. “But the sentence will be enforced immediately if she wants it to be carried out now.”

Premarital sex is illegal under the Indian Ocean nation’s strict Islamic law.”

It is a sad commentary that President Mohamed Waheed’s spokesman Masood Imad sought to denigrate the victim by telling AFP that the teenager should “feel the shame” for her offence, though she should be treated as a victim for the alleged rape.

SHOCK: Infant Brothers Ashton and Alton Perry, Grandmother Dead in Possible Murder-Suicide

SHOCK:  Infant brothers Ashton and Alton Perry, who were taken from their Connecticut daycare by grandmother, Debra Denison, were found dead Tuesday night in a possible double murder-suicide.

ABC affiliate WFSB reports that Debra Denison was supposed to take the children from the Kidds & Co. daycare in North Stonington, and drive them home so Alton Perry could open his birthday presents. He was celebrating his second birthday.

The family said Debra Denison had a history of mental issues and suffered from bipolar disorder. Police found the bodies inside her car in Preston, near the Lake of Isles golf course. A .38 caliber handgun was reportedly found at the scene.

5 Things You Need to Know Today Feb. 27: Rosa Parks Statue to Be Unveiled, Voting Rights Act Before SCOTUS

Five things you need to know today, Feb. 27:  Rosa Parks’ statue will be unveiled at the Capitol and the 1965 Voting Rights Act is being challenged before the Supreme Court.

English: Photograph of Rosa Parks with Dr. Mar...

5 Things You Need to Know Today Feb. 27: Rosa Parks Statue to Be Unveiled, Voting Rights Act Before SCOTUS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rosa Parks, who refused to move to the back of the bus, set off a chain of events that put this country on course to end segregation. Rosa Parks will become the first black woman to be honored with a full-length statue in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall. Ms. Parks’ statue joins a bust of black abolitionist Sojourner Truth, which sits in the Capitol Visitors Center.

President Barack Obama, Sen. Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner are among the dignitaries taking part in the unveiling Wednesday.



The U.S. Supreme Court justices will hear arguments Wednesday challenging a part of the Voting Rights Act that forces places with a history of discrimination, particularly in the Deep South, get advance approval, or preclearance, before they make any change in the way elections are held. The lawsuit from Shelby County, AL, says the “dire local conditions” that once justified strict federal oversight of elections no longer exist. In their eyes, we are in a post-racial America. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

NPR:  “Congress came up with the formula in 1965 to cover areas of the country that had a history of blatant, even violent discrimination in voting; but the formula has not been changed since 1975, and it still relies on election data from 1972. That’s the crux of the issue before the court now: whether times have changed so much that Congress, in reauthorizing the law in 2006 without updating the formula, violated the Constitution.



Pope Benedict XVI made his final public appearance as pope in St. Peter’s Square Wednesday morning ahead of his resignation which takes effect Feb. 28. The pope’s resignation comes as a scandal swirls over gay prelates and as a top Roman Catholic official stepped down after allegations of inappropriate conduct.



A Santa Cruz shooting left two police officers dead and the suspect was also killed in a gunfight with police. Santa Cruz Sgt. Loren Butch Baker and Detective Elizabeth Butler were killed when they went to the home of Jeremy Goulet to investigate a sexual assault accusation against him by a coworker at a coffee shop where he worked. An altercation ensued that led to the officers being killed. The suspect, who has a criminal history that includes a peeping charge, was killed by other police officers who reported to the scene.



Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina was on lock-down Tuesday night after a shooting at a residence hall near campus, ABC News reports. One victim was hospitalized.

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SANTA CRUZ SHOOTING: Sgt. Loren Butch Baker, Det. Elizabeth Butler Killed by Jeremy Goulet

SANTA CRUZ SHOOTING:  Santa Cruz Sgt. Loren Butch Baker and Detective Elizabeth Butler were fatally shot by Jeremy Goulet after they were called to investigate a sexual assault in Santa Cruz Tuesday afternoon.

Suspect Jeremy Goulet, 35, was arrested on Friday after a co-worker at a Santa Cruz coffee shop alleged he went to her house and made inappropriate sexual advances. He was fired the next day. Investigators went to his home as part of a probe into the matter and an altercation ensued, which led to the officers being fired upon.

Jeremy Goulet was convicted in 2008 of peeping at a 22 year old woman who was showering in her condominium in Portland, Ore., and of carrying a concealed weapon, the Oregonian reports. He was placed on probation but after a dispute with his probation officer, he was incarcerated for two years.

Sgt. Loren Butch Baker was a 28-year veteran of the force, while Det. Elizabeth Butler was a 10-year veteran.  This is another horrific tragedy that didn’t have to happen. This comes on the heels of ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner’s shooting rampage that left four people dead, including two police officers.