April Carter, Triple Murder Suspect Christopher Dorner’s Ex-Wife, “Embarrassed” by Brief Marriage

Christopher Jordan Dorner double murder
Ex-LAPD Officer Christopher Jordan Dorner Wanted in Connection with Irvine Double Murder (Photo credit: LAPD)

April Carter, the ex-wife of triple murder suspect Christopher Dorner, was reportedly ’embarrassed’ by their brief marriage, her family members told CBS2/KCAL9.

CBS2/KCAL9’s Cristy Fajardo spoke with the brother of April Carter, who was married to fugitive Christopher Dorner for a few weeks nearly six years ago.

According to documents filed with the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, the pair was married from April 27 to May 24, 2007. Carter’s brother told Fajardo that he never met or saw Dorner, but said his sister was married to a man for about “eight hours.”

He said his sister, who may be employed with a law enforcement department, was so embarrassed by it all, she never spoke of it. Carter’s neighbors in Long Beach said they had a vague recollection of seeing someone with Dorner’s description years ago. Source

Um, either April Carter saw the writing on the wall during her eight-hour marriage, or she pulled a Brittany Spears.

  • rinity

    Obviously these detectives are no different than Dorner, To just shoot two women, No warning, Just shoot 46 times at a truck that, Well lets be honest, dosn’t really look like Dorners’ at all really, I hope their wives are embarrassed of their loser husbands. So scared shaking in there boots peeing themselves that they are not honorable or man enough to confront Dorner to make sure its him before they impose their street justice. how exactly are these detectives not being charged with attempted murder? My GOD to just start shooting at trucks that drive down the road is somehow ok because they have a badge pinned to their shirt? What?

    • Trinity — They are no different from Christopher Dorner, who killed three innocent people. They could have quite easily killed both women. Street justice. SMH.