Bipartisan Group of Senators Seeking Deal with NRA on Background Checks

National Rifle Association
Bipartisan Group of Senators Seeking Deal with NRA on Background Checks(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AP:  “A bipartisan quartet of senators, including two National Rifle Association members and two with ‘F” ratings from the potent firearms lobby, are quietly trying to find a compromise on expanding the requirement for gun-sale background checks.”

“A deal, given a good chance by several participants and lobbyists, could add formidable political momentum to one of the key elements of President Obama’s gun control plan. Currently, background checks are required only for sales by the nation’s 55,000 federally licensed gun dealers, but not for gun show, person-to-person sales or other private transactions.”

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  • Janet:

    Many left wing operatives note that the NRA USED TO support “Universal Background Checks” – (But now that Obama is in office) They now oppose them.

    Then they ask a fellow progressive: “Why did the NRA change their position, other than because of their dishonesty?”

    THE FACTS ARE: The NRA supported Universal Background Checks INCLUDING access to MENTAL HEALTH RECORDS as a means of trapping those people without a “criminal conviction” but who have a history of mental disorder.

    The HIPAA advocates, the ACLU and others who stood against this because of “privacy” issues – as they feared that someone’s mental health background might be made public – ARE THE ONES WHO SHOT THIS DOWN!!!

    Now the NRA says “Not again!! We won’t yield to a composite agreement when THE OTHER SIDE IS NOT FORCED TO UPHOLD THEIR END OF THE BARGAIN.”

    Tell me Janet – why don’t you hear this in the “mainstream media”?

    Go search for “NRA Background checks” and look at the normal progressive propagandists at work

    Now look at the NRA and Mental Health records and then EXPLAIN THE GAP..