Bronx Teen Casmine Aska Charged with Attempted Murder After Throwing 9-Year-Old Freddy Martin Off Roof

SHOCK:  Casmine Aska, 17, was arrested after admitting to throwing 9-year-old Freddy Martin off the roof of a Bronx apartment building Friday night. Freddy Martin is listed in critical condition at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. The boy was found on the pavement in front of a five-story building on Nelson Avenue in the Morris Heights section of the Bronx, around 8:30 p.m.

Police charged Casmine Aska with attempted murder. He reportedly told investigators he threw Martin off the roof after they got into an argument. It is not clear what started the fight or how they ended up on the roof.


  • Redwine

    Lazy parenting is raising “animals” that have no remorse or value life. This is why my kids are always with me and not running around on a rooftop.

    • Redwine — I’m not going to call his mother an animal but what Casmine Aska did to this child is unspeakable and reprehensible.

  • Guest

    I know this lady. She is not exactly the best parent out there. Her kids went to school with mine. I removed my kids and they are now in private school. She is not an animal tho.

    • I wouldn’t call her an animal, but she raised a thug, who is charged with attempted murder. Casmine Aska needed to be reined in before he committed a heinous crime such as this.

  • Guest

    The mother’s name is Natasha.