Chad Littlefield ID’d as Second Victim Besides Chris Kyle Killed by Eddie Ray Routh at Rough Creek Lodge

Eddie Ray Routh shot ex-Navy SEAL
Eddie Ray Routh fatally shot former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle & Chad Littlefield (Photo credit: The Blaze)

Chad Littlefield has been identified as the second person killed by Eddie Ray Routh, besides former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle at Rough Creek Lodge Saturday afternoon. Police believe Eddie Ray Routh shot the two men at 3:30 p.m. and fled in Chris Kyle’s truck. He was arrested at his residence in Lancaster at 8 p.m. Routh has been charged with capital murder. Eddie Routh is being held on $3 million bail.

 Kyle and Littlefield had taken Routh to the range, said Travis Cox, the director of a nonprofit Kyle helped found. Littlefield was Kyle’s neighbor and “workout buddy,” Cox told The Associated Press on Sunday morning.

“What I know is Chris and a gentleman — great guy, I knew him well, Chad Littlefield — took a veteran out shooting who was struggling with PTSD to try to assist him, try to help him, try to, you know, give him a helping hand and he turned the gun on both of them, killing them,” Cox said. Source

According to media reports, a US military official confirmed Eddie Ray Routh is still in the Marine Corps Individual Ready Reserve. Another person who clearly shouldn’t have had access to a gun.