Gun Ownership: Nearly Two-Thirds of Married Southern Men Own Guns, 30% of Americans Own Guns

gun ownership in US
More married Southern men own guns than any other demographic

A recent Gallup poll has found that more males than females own guns and there are more gun owners in the South, with the lowest number in the East. Here’s the breakdown from Gallup:

Across those six data sets, an average of 30% of Americans said they personally own a gun. Another 14% did not personally own a gun but live in a household with someone who does. The results presented here focus mainly on personal gun ownership, though the demographic patterns are similar among the larger group of Americans living in gun households.

In addition to gender, Southern residence, and marital status, personal gun ownership also varies significantly by age, race, and political ideology.

  • Non-Hispanic whites (33%) are significantly more likely than nonwhites (22%) to own guns. Hispanics (18%) in particular show below-average gun ownership. Twenty-one percent of blacks own a gun.
  • Younger Americans (20%) are much less likely to own guns than older Americans. There are only minor differences among adults 30 and older by age group (ranging between 31% and 34%).
  • Gun ownership is much higher among those who are politically conservative (39%) than among those who are politically liberal (17%).
gun ownership in America
Nearly Two-Thirds of Married Southern Men Own Guns, Lowest Gun Ownership in the East (Chart credit: Gallup)