Philly Police Officer Jonathan Josey Acquitted in Puerto Rican Day Parade Assault

Philadelphia Police Officer Jonathan Josey acquitted of simple assault charge for decking a woman during a street party at last year’s Puerto Rican Day Parade. Municipal Court Judge Patrick F. Dugan said he was troubled by Officer Jonathan Josey’s conduct on the 10 second video that showed him hitting Aida Guzman from behind and knocking her to the ground.

Judge Dugan, however, cited his testimony that he was trying to swipe a beer bottle from her hand when he accidentally hit her. reports, Josey said he “acted in the context of an escalating melee in which some spectators were throwing beer bottles at police trying to arrest a driver doing donuts in the middle of the intersection.”

Judge Dugan took other police testimony into consideration and also said the video alone was not enough to prove the officer meant to harm Aida Guzman. Jonathan Josey intends to seek reinstatement to the police department.