OH Poll Worker Melowese Richardson Admits Voting Twice in Presidential Election

RIGHT WING FREAK-OUT:  Melowese Richardson, a poll worker from Hamilton county, OH, reportedly admitted on local television that she voted twice in the 2012 presidential election.

John Fund reports on 19 possible cases of alleged voter fraud in Hamilton County, Ohio and claims he has the video of Melowese Richardson making her admission.

Rick Hasen counters saying “that vast majority of the relatively small number of cases involve either election officials committing fraud, or voters, candidates, and others committing absentee ballot fraud. The problem is that the supposed cure–voter id–does not stop these main types of fraud.”

  • Justsayin’

    They give you this little jewel of a story so you ignore the bigger one.

    Electronic voting. You can’t prove a legitimate election with it.

  • I think Rich Hasan may be correct that a voter id will not stop this type of voter fraud. But nevertheless, when fraud such as this is discovered, it should be fully prosecuted. If not, then how much do we really care about the concept of “one man, one vote.” To ignore or discount voter fraud will only invite more fraud all sides of the political spectrum as more and more people believe their single votes are diluted by illegal votes.

  • Janet:

    With all due respect – you are intellectually corrupt.

    The majority of claims that are voiced by the so called “right wing”, when proven to be true (let’s put aside the scale of the threat for a minute) – YOU can’t bring yourself to take a stand for INTEGRITY IN ELECTIONS.

    Instead you prefer to tell us that “the Right wing” will “Run With It”.

    The real question, Janet, is to ask: DO YOU BELIEVE THAT A WORTHY VIOLATION HAS BEEN MADE?

    • Constructive Feedback — With all due respect you are intellectually corrupt. Are you saying there is widespread voter fraud? How about those cases that involve Republicans? Oh, I’m guessing you’ll find an excuse for those. The right wing freak-out is laughable considering they are tried voter suppression and failed miserably. Melowese Richardson isn’t the only dishonest person. Take a look at the party you to be madly in love with.

  • Not_Intellectually_Corrupt.

    How many times did you vote, Ms. Shan? 10, 20,

  • The fact that liberals play down stories like this says a lot.. If all these cases of alleged voter fraud were perpetrated by Romney supporters there’d be plenty of freaking out on the left.