Random Oakdale MN Shooting Leaves 10 Year Old Boy Dead, Mother and Another Woman Wounded

OAKDALE MN SHOOTING:  A 10 year old boy was killed on Oakdale, Minn., after being hit by a gunman who was firing randomly on vehicles near a Rainbow Foods store about 6:10 p.m. Monday evening.  The child’s mother and another woman were also wounded in the shooting.  The suspected shooter was arrested by police without incident.

A woman pulled into the parking lot of the nearby Rainbow, the back window and both rear tires of her minivan shot out. Her 10-year-old boy had been shot in the head, witnesses said.

Oakdale Police Chief Bill Sullivan said the boy died at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. The condition of the mother, who was shot in the arm, was not known late Monday, though she was expected to recover, Sullivan said.

The third victim — a 68-year-old Oakdale woman who relatives identified only as “Karen” — pulled up to the corner of Seventh and Hadley, when the man began shooting from a nearby snowbank, according to the woman’s granddaughter, who asked not to be identified. Source

This is clearly another senseless murder. So, now kids can’t ride in their parents’ vehicles without being worried about gunfire hitting them? This is crazy. Where does this end? There are too many sick people and criminals walking around with guns. I hope President Obama will talk about gun control during his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

  • Pause for Thought

    The problem is NOT guns, folks. Guns are just a means. The problem is the entire, societal attitude that precedes the abuse of guns. THAT is where the problem is. Respect for human life is little to non-existent — much less respect for property, or anything else. Taking away guns (which you cannot lawfully do, anyway) does NOTHING to address the problem — and only leaves law-breakers the only ones with guns. People will always find a way to commit a crime, if they want to badly enough. Go after the REAL problem here. Go after the attitude…and that starts with all of us.