Sarai Sierra, Missing Staten Island Mother of Two, Found Dead in Istanbul

Sarai Sierra, a missing mother of two, found dead in Istanbul, Turkey. Nine people, including two women, detained by Turkish authorities. NBC News reports the Anadolu Agency reported that residents discovered Sarai Sierra’s body near ancient city walls of the Fatih district.

NTV reported that she had been stabbed to death. The Associated Press reports police had identified her by her driver’s license. Another news agency had a differing report, saying it appeared Sarai Sierra died from a blow to the head.

Sarai Sierra left for Turkey on January 7 alone, after a friend had dropped out of the trip. She was last heard from by her family January 21, when she was supposed to return home after her two-week trip. She wanted to pursue her photography hobby.

Police believe that the location where her body was found was not where she was killed. The news filtering out is very fuzzy. We pray that the family will get the answers it needs. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.