Triple Murder Suspect Christopher Dorner Sent Anderson Cooper Coin with Three Bullet Holes

Dorner's coin with three bullet holes

Christopher Dorner sent CNN’s Anderson Cooper package with coin with three bullet holes

CHRISTOPHER DORNER MANHUNT:  Christopher Dorner sent CNN’s Anderson Cooper a package with a coin with three  bullet holes through it. Former LAPD chief Bill Bratton said it appeared to be a ceremonial coin that he customarily handed out when people come into the ranks. He also sent a DVD in the package that detailed the reason for his disgruntlement. He also said I didn’t do it.

UPDATE: Weapons, cold weather survival gear found inside Christopher #Dorner’s truck. CBS is also reporting Christopher Dorner’s truck contained “two long-range rifles with suppressors & a Glock handgun.”  – @CBSNews.

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Janet Shan is a freelance journalist and managing editor of the Hinterland Gazette, who is working on her first novel, a mystery based in the hills on Montego Bay.