Apartheid Incident: Swedish Bus Driver Separates ‘Swedes’ from ‘Foreign-Looking’ Passengers

Modern-day apartheid? A Swedish bus driver with operator People Travel Group is facing disciplinary action after he forced black and white passengers on his route to travel in separate vehicles to catch a ferry, in what was described as an ‘apartheid incident.’ The Local reports the unnamed driver allegedly divided “Swedes” and “foreign-looking” people to transport them between Stockholm and the Eckerölinjen ferry terminal in Grisslehamn.

The divisions happened on several occasions on Wednesday and Thursday at Stockholm’s City terminal (Cityterminalen), reported newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) on Saturday.

The bus passengers were travelling to catch the ferry to the Finnish archipelago island of Åland. “It was a very unpleasant experience… It felt like we were on our way to Arlanda airport to be deported from Sweden,” one of the passengers, Samer Chatila, told DN.

Chatila, who was born in Sweden, is currently studying mechanical engineering on Åland. He was travelling there with his brother Ahmad and a friend when the three noticed that the bus driver was dividing passengers up based on their looks.

The driver stood between the exit and the bus and pointed the three to one of the buses, following them to make sure they got on board.

At first they thought the driver was being friendly, but they soon realized that something else was going on. They noticed that all “Swedish-looking” passengers were being directed to a different bus, while everyone who boarded their bus was foreign-looking or dark-skinned.

“We felt insulted, offended and discriminated against,” said Chatila. “I never thought this could happen in our Sweden.” When they challenged the driver, he told them that if they did not like the system they could get off the bus. Source