Beverly Hall’s Bond, in Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal, Recommended at $7.5 Million

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Beverly Hall’s Bond in Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal, Recommended at $7.5 Million. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ATLANTA PUBLIC SCHOOLS CHEATING SCANDAL:  Former Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Beverly Hall and 34 other educators have been indicted in the massive test cheating scandal to rock country. The charges include racketeering, theft by taking, influencing witnesses and making false statements. The 90 page indictment was released late Friday afternoon. Beverly Hall’s lawyer continues to deny she had any knowledge of any wrongdoing. Beverly Hall’s bond is recommended at $7.5 million and she could face up to 45 years in prison.

District Attorney Paul L. Howard Jr. didn’t hold back. He said that under Hall’s leadership, there was “a single-minded purpose, and that is to cheat.” He said, “she is a full participant in that conspiracy. Without her, this conspiracy could not have taken place, particularly in the degree it took place,” the NY Times reports.

The others indicted include:  Millicent Few, Sharon Davis-Williams, Tamara Cotman, Michael Pitts, Christopher Waller, Gregory Reid, Sandra Ward, Starlette Mitchell, Kimberly Oden, Armstead Salters, Sheridan Rogers, Dana Evans, Angela Williamson, Derrick Broadwater, Shayla Smith, Dessa Curb, Lera Middlebrooks, Shani Robinson, Pamela Cleveland, Diane Buckher- Webb, Gloria Ivey, Lisa Terry, Ingrid Abella-Sly, Wendy Ahmed, Lucious Brown, Carol Dennis, Tameka Goodson, Tabeeka Jordan, Clarietta DAvis, Donald Bullock, Theresia Copeland, Sheila Evans, Willie Davenport and Francis Mack.

A state investigation in 2011 found cheating on standardized tests by nearly 180 educators in 44 Atlanta schools. Investigators said educators gave answers to students or changed answers on tests after they were turned in. Investigators say teachers who tried to report the cheating faced retaliation, creating a culture of fear and intimidation among employees in the district.

The prosecution is aiming to make an example out of Beverly Hall, since her bond is recommended at such an enormous amount. Of course, the judge will make the final determination how much her bond will be. You see, Beverly Hall is the big fish in this legal nightmare. The Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal didn’t have to happen. The educators involved lost sight of their primary goal — educating out youth.

Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Indictment

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