Black Voters Sour on Rahm Emanuel as Majority of Chicago School Closings in Black Neighborhoods

Black voters are having buyer’s remorse with mayor Rahm Emanuel, as the majority of the Chicago school closings will be in predominantly black neighborhoods and he hasn’t done much to find ways to reduce crime in the city or improve the unemployment situation.

The mostly African-American demonstrators noted correctly that most of the schools on the CPS underutilized list are in predominantly black neighborhoods.

“In any city that’s as segregated as Chicago, anytime that you destroy black schools and destroy black communities you can’t call it anything but racist,” the Executive Director of Action Now Katelyn Johnson said.

Emanuel, who is currently on a skiing vacation with his children who attend private school, is getting the brunt of the racially-charged criticism.

“Why do we have to have 50 kids in a classroom? They don’t have it in the white neighborhood,” Young said.

Emanuel is also criticized for the rising violent crime rate and high unemployment rates in African-American neighborhoods. Source

Rahm Emanuel got 59 percent of the black vote in the mayoral election, mainly on the coattails of President Obama, who said he would make a ‘fine mayor’ for the City of Chicago. The people took him at his word, but they are certainly having second thoughts now. Crime and unemployment rates are still high in the black communities and now school closings? The situation will only deteriorate.