DeKalb School Board Mess Continues as Federal Court Sends Lawsuit to GA Supreme Court

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Federal Court Sends DeKalb School Board Lawsuit to GA Supreme Court. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A federal court judge ruled Monday afternoon that he does not have the jurisdiction over a lawsuit brought by members of the DeKalb County School Board who were suspended by Gov. Nathan Deal.  The lawsuit was filed against the board of education and Gov. Deal over the removal of six school board members.

In a decision released Monday afternoon, US District Court Judge Richard Story said that since the claims by the DeKalb School Board members are tied to the Georgia state constitution, that the federal court does not hold jurisdiction in the case. Story directed the parties to submit their claims to the Supreme Court of Georgia.

As a result, Story said that the motion for preliminary injunction against removing six of the nine DeKalb school board members was denied and the temporary restraining order issued by the federal court is vacated. Source

You will also recall that the NAACP got involved and characterized the suspensions as racist. One problem, they are all forgetting that at the heart of this squabble is the welfare of the students in DeKalb County and the accreditation of the school district is of paramount importance. Once again, the NAACP was on the wrong side of the debate, calling the governor a ‘dictator’ for suspending six school board members, five of whom are black.  Georgia NAACP President Edward DuBose said, “We’ve fought too hard and bled too long to allow our officials to be removed by a dictator.” So, I am guessing that in the minds of the NAACP leaders they could care less about what happens to the students in the DeKalb County school system. This is yet another example of how ineffective the NAACP has become.

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