Ethiopian-Born Miss Israel Titi Aynaw Calls President Obama a “World Class Hunk”

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Ethiopian-Born Miss Israel Titi Aynaw Calls President Obama a “World Class Hunk” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The right wing will have a freak-out over Miss Israel, Ethiopian-born Titi Aynaw who met Obama  calling President Obama a “world class hunk” as though his predecessor George W. Bush or his father were.

“He’s an exciting man, a world-class hunk, charming and an extraordinary gentleman,” she told the Israeli publication Yediot Aharonot.

Aynaw and Obama were introduced by Israeli President Shimon Peres during the state dinner that occurred on Obama’s first presidential trip to Israel, according to Israeli news accounts.

“You are very beautiful,” Obama told her, according to the report. He added, “And Michelle would have been very happy to be as tall as you are.” Source

Of course, some idiot had to ask if Titi Aynaw thought Michelle Obama would be jealous of her. Um, really? In case they haven’t noticed, self-esteem and confidence aren’t problems Michelle Obama has, so no. She won’t be jealous.

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  • Janet:

    Its a good think that MsAynaw didn’t warn Commander In Chief Obama that when the Italians occupied her ancestral lands they were doing so out of imperialism and today with the Italians teamed with the Americans in nearby Libya their motivations were not “Humanitarian as you claimed”

    If she did say this your entire article would have shifted from an attack upon the Right Wing that you stood up over to a demand that Israel remove this Black girl from her post and find a Jew who is more respectful to Obama.