Ex-Congresswoman Denise Majette Faces Possible Disbarment Over Billing Practices

Ex-Congresswoman Denise Majette faces disbarment over legal billing practices
Ex-Congresswoman Denise Majette Faces Possible Disbarment Over Billing Practices

Former congresswoman Denise Majette, who defeated former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, is facing disbarment because of “inexcusable” conduct regarding unsubstantiated legal billing practices, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.  The Georgia Bar Association is reportedly recommending that Denise Majette appear before its disciplinary board on Friday if she wants to challenge the recommendation. It seems that Ms. Majette failed to account for $24,500 in fees she had previously received, the AJC reports.

Majette, now a private attorney, is scheduled to challenge the special master’s report Friday before a review panel of the State Bar’s disciplinary board. The panel will hear oral arguments on her case during the State Bar’s spring meeting at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation.

After deciding Majette’s case, the panel will submit its recommendations to the Georgia Supreme Court, which has the final say on lawyer discipline.

Since Majette’s former client filed a bar complaint in 2010, Majette has characterized the dispute as a disagreement about fees and has refused to accept responsibility for her actions, Daniel wrote. Majette offered no substantive evidence to rebut allegations that she failed to account for fees already paid to her, submitted inaccurate and fraudulent bills to her client, and committed perjury or fraud when filing a court motion seeking fees, the report said.  Source

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    There should be Black Bar Assoc. where the winner of a dispute can cook the loser in huge iron Kettle and invite their tribe to a feast. Nomsay?