Gov. Chris Christie in Ridiculous ‘Race Flap’ After Calling Assembly Leader ‘African American Female Speaker’

Gov. Chris Christie in race flap with NJ Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver
Gov. Chris Christie in Ridiculous ‘Race Flap’ After Calling Assembly Leader ‘African American Female Speaker’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NJ Gov. Chris Christie is being asked to apologize for referring to New Jersey state Assembly leader Sheila Oliver as “an African American female speaker of the Assembly” during a church hosted meeting and not by her name. Okay, really people? We are clogging up the news cycle with this BS?

Christie told an audience Tuesday that an “African-American female speaker of the Assembly” is blocking a vote on a school voucher bill that would let children in failing districts attend classes elsewhere.

Democratic Speaker Sheila Oliver later said she was “appalled” that Christie injected race into the discussion on education. Oliver, who represents a district with some failing schools, has said she believes the state should make a larger investment in public education.

On Thursday, the pastor whose church hosted the meeting asked Christie to apologize. He said the governor was disrespectful to the speaker and missed a chance to unite the community.

“I was and am saddened by the governor’s blatant attack (on the speaker),” said Kenneth Clayton, pastor of St. Luke Baptist Church in Paterson. “The words that the governor chose to use in speaking of Oliver, while not even respecting her enough to call her by name, defy his earlier assertion that political leaders, himself included, need to learn to respect all views and work together.” Source

Given Chris Christie’s approval rating, I seriously doubt he has anything to worry about. His office said he was misinterpreted.  Let’s not get petty and bring race into the gubernatorial race for New Jersey. How would Ms. Oliver have felt if Gov. Christie had called her a negro? There are more important things to worry about in New Jersey than Sheila Oliver being called an African American by the governor. Ms. Oliver should be worried about all those failing schools in her district and the impact it will have on the community as a whole.

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