Miami-Dade Transit Stands by Elderly Woman, Emma Anderson, Being Thrown Off Train for Singing Hymns

Elderly abuse black news Emma Anderson thrown off Miami Dade train for singing hymns
Miami-Dade Transit Stand by Elderly Woman, Emma Anderson, Being Thrown Off Train for Singing Hymns (Photo: ABC News)

SHOCK: Emma Anderson, 82, was thrown off a Miami-Dade train by a security guard because she was singing too loudly. The shocking incident was caught on video and showed Ms. Anderson being grabbed by her bag and flung off the train. Have we no respect for the elderly in this country? This could be anyone’s mother or grandmother. Shameful.

‘I was beating my little beads with the bottle and I was singing a song, and he came up to me and said, “Ma’am, you’re making too much noise,”‘ Ms Anderson recalled. The footage shows Ms Anderson continue singing before the angry guard, who hasn’t been named, roughly yanks her from her train seat and flings her out the door by her trolley.

Witnesses can be heard on the tape demanding the security guard tell them his name. The woman’s family says she suffered injuries when she was thrown off the train as she fell backwards trying to keep hold of her bag.

‘We took her to the hospital and they took X-rays. Doctors say she has a bruised hip and shoulder,’ her son, Kenny Anderson, 42, told ABC News.

Miami-Dade Transit says its policy outlawed singing, dancing or playing music on the train without a permit.

Really? An old woman singing a few religious hymns needed permit, so that excuses the heavy-handed behavior by the security guard? This is a disgrace and I hope the family of Emma Anderson follows through on their threat to sue the transit authority. The security guard was a bully for putting his hands on an elderly woman. Shameful. Please stop protecting the security guard, release his name!

  • Actually, she was chanting and playing maracas at full volume. The Video was edited to make it look like the guard immediately attacked her…that is wrong. A someone one the train, she was a nuisance.

  • Mike

    Uhhh actually she wasn’t because no one on the train made a complaint or seemed bothered by her. As I was on the train that day that meathead had no right to do what he did. If that was your grandmother I’m sure you would not justify c. Llinas’s behavior.

  • triston

    this is my grand mother and btw the video was not edited