Michael Baisden Radio Show Canceled After Failure to Reach Syndication Deal with Cumulus

Michael Baisden radio show canceled by Cumulus
Michael Baisden Radio Show Canceled After Failure to Reach Syndication Deal with Cumulus (Facebook)

The drama between Michael Baisden and Cumulus came to a head with his show being canceled for good. He took to Facebook to post his version of events that led to the cancellation, mostly saying Cumulus may not have liked his topics — domestic violence, missing children, leading civil rights marches, etc. Here’s an excerpt from Michael Baisden’s Facebook page:

To My Radio Family: The Michael Baisden Show Has Officially Been Cancelled!

We were unable to reach an agreement with our syndication partner Cumulus Media. This was not a hostile situation, sometimes parties have different ideas and visions about how to move forward. So, there is no need for petitions and boycotts.

My only issue was that after 10 years or discussing important issues like domestic violence, missing children, leading civil rights marches like The Jena 6, campaigning for mentoring programs on a 70 city bus tour and donating 350,000 of my own money, helping to elect and re-elect our President, and standing up to lead the rally for justice for Trayvon Martin, that I would at least be allowed to finish the show through next Friday. Now that’s some Fragernackle bull!

I was excited about next week’s interviews with our affiliate program directors and general managers, celebrities, B Side artist, Rev Sharpton, Congressman John Lewis, Iyanla Vanzants, The President and First Lady, and most importantly, you, our radio family.

Unfortunately, that did not happen so you will hear reruns through next Friday. Then beginning on April 1st, there will be another show on the air. To the owners of Cumulus I offer you this quote:

“How someone treats you is their Karma, how you respond is yours.” . ~Wayne Dyer

So, my Karma inspires me to say this, “Thank you to all my advertisers, my affiliates, and my listeners. I will keep the positivity flowing on Facebook and Twitter until my return, because I will be back!

And next time their will be no middlemen between me, my affiliates, and most importantly, my radio family. The next chapter has already begun and it’s going to bright for everyone involved!

We may not have been given the chance to have a going away party, but the welcome back party is going to be “THE BOMB! ~ Michael Baisden

P.S. I will post this once a day until the show ends next Friday March 29th, to remind everyone about the truth of what really happened with my show. Radio will only thrive when there is true competition and not a handful of broadcasters dictating what you hear on the radio. So, to all you DJ’s you better step your game up because Michael, Uncle George, and Juan D are coming back—In the MORNINGS OR AFTERNOONS!!!!!!! THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT!

He also posted on Facebook yesterday that he may have been locked out of his studio and wasn’t able to end his show on his terms. Wow. If all this is true, this is pretty cutthroat and vicious. This just shows that black radio show hosts aren’t a protected group as their white counterparts. Rush Limbaugh has insulted everyone under the sun, but has remained on the airwaves, raking in millions. Patti Labelle once said there’s still racism in the entertainment business. I guess we may have to add urban radio to that as well.

  • copeland

    I will not listen to the station at the time at the time when Michael Baisden is supposed to be on.

  • Fan

    Yeah, you’re right, Michael. Karma IS a b i t c h. Racist!

  • r flowers

    sometimes in this life we go through so much bull s###but know you can ride out any stormbecause GOD is with you peace

  • Dave

    anytime there is anything positive or up lifting to our community, corporate America will find a way to destroy it. Mr. Baisden, your show on V1019 was important in me keeping a level perspective will dealing with the racism that cost me my 15year career with the US Postal Service out here in Utah. Please hurry and get the “air ways rockin” again with the issues corporate America refuses to acknowledge or cover!!

    • Dave — It’s pretty shameful, but I thought for sure that Michael Baisden had more financial control over his show. Tom Joyner may have been dropped from the NYC market, but he is stronger financially than Michael Baisden on all levels of his business. He has real ownership. Baisden didn’t.