NC Legislators Austin Allran, Warren Daniel Healthy Marriage Act Proposes Rigorous Divorce Regulations

NC lawmakers Austin Allran, Warren Daniel rigorous divorce regulations
NC Legislators Austin Allran, Warren Daniel Healthy Marriage Act Proposes Rigorous Divorce Regulations

Here we go again, Republicans trying to throw their weight around and force their views on others — Sen. Austin Allran (R-Hickory), the primary sponsor of the Healthy Marriage Act, and Sen. Warren Daniel (R-Morganton), are trying to keep people in bad situations, because of their self-righteousness. The pair want to make it harder for estranged couples to get a divorce by forcing them to wait longer and go to counseling. Um, let’s see how many shoot their ‘estranged spouses’ rather than waiting. There’s a lot going on in North Carolina these days, where the Republicans are concerned. In addition to the Healthy Marriage Act proposal, they are also trying to curb early voting. Yeah, that would be voter suppression.

The Healthy Marriage Act would extend to two years the current one-year waiting period in order for a divorce to be finalized. During that time, the couple would have to complete courses on improving their communications skills and conflict resolution.

If the couple has children, they would have to take at least a four-hour class on the impact of divorce on children.

Separated couples could resume living together during the two-year waiting period, under the bill. Either the husband or the wife would have to have lived in North Carolina for six months before filing for divorce.
It would also strike from the current law a provision that says “isolated incidents of sexual intercourse” don’t count against the one-year waiting period. It’s not clear if that means an occasional fling with your estranged partner does count against you under the proposed law. Source

I guess they didn’t hear about retired trooper Mark Miscavish gunning down his estranged wife, Tracie Miscavish, at a County Market supermarket in Philipsburg, Pa., days after she filed for divorce.  He was charged with assault after beating his wife in an earlier incident. So, had this law being proposed by these two Republicans been in place in Philipsburg, Tracie Miscavish would have been dead the moment she mentioned the word divorce.

Once again, Republicans are trying to run the lives of women in this country through this ridiculous piece of legislation, the Healthy Marriage Act. Like Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner says to the GOP, “get out of my panties.”  The sanctity of marriage, in their view, is more important than a woman or man remaining in an abusive situation that could quite possibly end in murder-suicide. It’s mindboggling that forcing a woman to stay in a failed and toxic relationship is more important than supporting gun control legislation. This is further proof that the Republican Party isn’t listening to Americans.

Just as I said, the bill doesn’t address domestic violence situations. In fact, it would force a battered wife to stay in the marriage for two more years. If that’s not a recipe for a murder-suicide, then I don’t know what else is. It’s shameful that Rep. Warren Daniel could propose such a dangerous bill when he sits on the Domestic Violence Commission.

This unhealthy bill intrudes on a very personal decision. If you’re a battered spouse, a parent of an abused child or married to an alcoholic or drug addict, a communications skills course is useless. It could be dangerous to wait two years to extricate yourself from a hopeless situation.

Daniel should know about these issues: He sits on the state Domestic Violence Commission. And his home turf of Burke County isn’t exactly the divorce capital of North Carolina: 3.8 per 1,000 people, right on the state average. Sanderson’s district includes Carteret County, which has a divorce rate of 4.2. As for Allran, he represents the happily and unhappily married couples of Alexander and Catawba counties; their divorce rates—2 and 3.4—are below the national and state average. Source

Here’s the Healthy Marriage Act:

NC Rep. Austin Allran Proposes Rigorous Divorce Regulations Via The Healthy Marriage Act Bill

  • Stephen — Love your take on this craziness from the NC Republicans.

  • jack s

    I guess you didn’t bother to read the law Janet. Or, are you deliberately spreading false information in order to give a better stance to your bias? The law does not apply to anyone in an abusive situation. There are other exemptions too but you couldn’t be bothered to discuss them either. Although I disagree with the bill, it would be far better for you as a “journalist” to be honest with you readers.

    • George Gray

      jack, this obviously is written by someone who is not a journalist, but someone who is writing on emotion. If her views backed up this legislation, she would be perfect for Fox news. As far as the legislation is concerned, I am divorced, and I was not in an abusive relationship. This is the most ridiculous piece of legislation that has come to North Carolina since they proposed to lower weekly unemployment rates to $350 per week. Here I thought that the Republicans are supposed to be about small government, and they once again are trying to control keep the citizens down, while making more money for themselves. Afterall, who do you think will profit from these counseling sessions and classroom discussions. I love this state, and actually voted for McCrory, but we have really regressed in our thinking since he took office.

      • George Gray

        and after reading the legislation, and finding no provisions for abuse, or neglect…I must apologize to the author for assuming that Jack was correct.

        • George Gray — No problem. There is no reference to domestic violence or domestic abuse in the proposed legislation. That’s very troubling.

        • jack s

          Lines 32, 33, and state laws GS 50-7, and GS 50B-1 spell out exemptions for abuse abandonment, neglect, and many other acts that this bill would not delay a divorce for. I don’t agree with the bill either but I have a hard time standing by and watching the Legislators (no matter how I despise politicians in general) get bashed for something they aren’t doing.

          • The bill should spell out what is exempted. It would force a battered woman to stay in a dangerous environment for an extended period of time. It’s unconscionable that Rep. Daniel should come up with this bill, considering he sits on the Domestic Violence Commission.

            Yeah, I have a hard time standing by and watching lawmakers do everything contrary to what their constituents elected them to do. There is no exemption listed for domestic abuse, alcoholism, child abuse, etc. It should be spelled out instead of them hiding the real details.

          • jack s

            You are wrong again. G.S. 50-7 and 50B-1 specifically say alcohol, drug abuse, and domestic abuse including child abuse. There is no requirement for the victim to stay any length of time at all with the abuser. There is nothing hidden in this legislation.
            Bills are written and reference existing laws in a way not to change the existing law.

          • George Gray

            Jack, I agree with you about watching legislators get bashed for something they are not doing. Look what is being said about the “Socialist, communist, muslim” President that we have in office today. I am divorced, and to have legislators tell me that I would have to wait another year to file for divorce after taking a series of classes/counseling sessions is total b.s, and worse on the kids than keeping the shorter time frame. You don’t just all of a sudden decide to leave a relationship. You try and work out a relationship, go through counseling, etc before you ever decide to separate. Now to say you have to wait another full year? I thought the GOP was all about staying small with Government, but this is as intrusive as any legislation that I have seen in a long time.

      • George — If you know anything about me, Fox News wouldn’t be the place for me! Thanks for your comments. I welcome the dialogue.

    • Jack — First of all, this isn’t a law yet. Secondly, please show me where it specifically addresses domestic abuse. I am afraid you didn’t read it. If I were trying to be dishonest, I would have never embedded the proposed legislation at the bottom of the page.

      • jack s

        Read lines 32 and 33 then look up GS50-7. Im not going to do your homework for you but it spells it out. You should do your research before spewing your libelous accusations.

    • Joseph Zhou

      Doing what? If Republic truly believe small government, individual responsibility,
      then get off people bed room to tell them how to live on their life! Government
      has no business in people’s bed room, Period!

  • Who is going to develop the course on the impact of divorce on children?