Oscar Pistorius’ Dad, Henke Pistorius, Blames ANC for ‘White Levels of Crime’ in South Africa

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Oscar Pistorius’ Dad, Henke Pistorius, Blames ANC for ‘White Levels of Crime’ in South Africa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The family of Oscar Pistorius is distancing itself from a racist comment made by the paralympian’s father,  Henke Pistorius, who was quoted by the Telegraph, saying the f family owns hand-guns for self-defense and suggesting that the ruling ANC party shares the blame for “white levels of crime.” The ANC has called the comments racist. In other words, Henke Pistorius believes the ruling ANC government is not protecting white South Africans adequately.

Arnold Pistorius, the athlete’s uncle, has issued a statement saying that the family is “deeply concerned about the comments made by Oscar’s father, Henke Pistorius, to the Telegraph about the family using its weapons to defend themselves against crime in South Africa, and especially about his comments that the ANC government is not willing to protect white South Africans.” The statement was released through the family’s public relations machine. 

The Pistorius family owned 55 guns, the local Beeld newspaper reports. “Some of the guns are for hunting and some are for protection, the hand guns. It speaks to the ANC government, look at white crime levels [sic], why protection is so poor in this country, it’s an aspect of our society,” The Telegraph quotes Henke Pistorius as saying.

ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu said the party “rejects with contempt” Henke Pistorius’s claim that the government was not willing to protect white people.

“Not only is this statement devoid of truth, it is also racist. It is sad that he has chosen to politicize a tragic incident that is still fresh in the minds of those affected and the public,” he said. Source

Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, February 14, claiming he thought she was an intruder.  Was it “white levels of crime” that prompted Oscar Pistorius to discharge his gun in a restaurant?

Old habits die hard. The truth always rears its ugly head. Henke Pistorius seems to harbor racist views that white are the only victims of crimes, presumably at the hands of blacks in South Africa and should get special treatment. Wasn’t Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia murdered recently in Daveyton. Was the due to “white levels of crime?” It would seem statistics don’t bolster Henke Pistorius’ claims, since blacks bear the brunt of the crime committed in South Africa. Well, so much for his “white levels of crime” theory. Shameful and yes, racist.

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