Parolee Evan Spencer Ebel ID”d as Suspect in TX High Speed Chase, May Be Linked to Tom Clements Murder

BREAKING:  Evan Spencer Ebel has been identified as the driver of the Cadillac in a high speed chase in Texas, which resulted in him being shot in the head. The police believe he may be connected to the murder of Colorado Department of Corrections Director Tom Clements. Evan Spencer Ebel was convicted of several crimes in Colorado dating back to 2003, including assaulting a prison guard. He was paroled by the Colorado Dept. of Corrections.

Evan Spencer Ebel was driving a Cadillac in Texas that matches the description of the vehicle seen leaving the home of Tom Clements after he was shot. Police are also looking to see if there is a link to him in the murder of pizza deliveryman Nathan Leon, Sunday night.