REPORT: NYPD Officers Ordered to Run Criminal Checks on Domestic Violence Victims

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REPORT:  NYPD Officers Ordered to Run Criminal Checks on Domestic Violence Victims (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:  The New York Police Department is in the news again — this time, under a new domestic abuse directive, NYPD officers are ordered to run criminal checks on the accused and the accuser. So, a woman who is being battered by her partner in New York City could face arrest if she has an open warrant, unpaid parking tickets, etc. Many domestic violence victims are already reluctant to report their abusers. They will now be victimized not only by their abusers, but by the police as well.  Where is the outrage? An unpaid ticket carries more weigh in the eyes of the NYPD than the victim being beaten by her partner. Wow, talk about misguided priorities.

The memo by Chief of Detectives Phil Pulaski requires detectives to look at open warrants, complaint histories and even the driving records of both parties.

“You have no choice but to lock them up” if the victims turn out to have warrants, including for minor offenses like unpaid tickets, a police source said.

“This is going to deter victims of domestic violence . . . They’re going to be scared to come forward.”

The directive tells detectives that when they are investigating cases of domestic violence, they should run a search that cross-references all NYPD databases.

Beside warrants, a person’s criminal record and history of making criminal complaints should be checked, the directive says.

A source said that even if detectives wanted to take pity on someone who was battered by a spouse, they would feel pressure to make an arrest to avoid getting in trouble with superiors.

“We have every right to arrest that person at that moment,” the source said. Source:  NY Post

This directive will only empower and embolden the abuser. It will have a ripple effect as the abuse could intensify and lead to a domestic violence death. While Mayor Mike Bloomberg is so worried about soda New Yorkers should be allowed to drink, the war on women continues. Somehow New York City’s Finest have become New York City’s Heartless.

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